For small businesses, the terms used to describe different online marketing strategies are enough to prompt owners and operators to scramble for the Yellow Pages. One Internet marketing term especially sends shivers through the veins of the most dedicated small business owners and operators.


If  you’re a self-storage owner or operator, search engine optimization (SEO) should not make you sweat bullets or motivate you to “Let your fingers do the walking.” SEO is an easy digital marketing concept to understand and for 2018, three trends stand out that can turn your small business into a money making machine.

Local Searches Rule SEO

Do you remember a few years back when you searched for products and searches online and you had to type in the city and/or state where you wanted to shop? For example, if you were searching for a barber in Minneapolis, you typed in the keywords “Minneapolis Barbers.”

Those days are long gone.

The three most influential search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) automatically account for the location where you submit local searches. If you live in Boston and are looking for a Celtic pub, all you have to do is type in “Celtic Pub” and Google automatically returns Celtic pubs located in greater Boston. What does this mean for small businesses? It means you have to optimize your website content for local searches, as well as submit a 100% completed Google My Business listing. For locally optimized website content, use geo targeted words such as Dallas, Texas and Sonoma County to attract search engine bots for local searches.

Lights, Cameras, Action

Small business owners have to find ways to compete with large nationally recognized companies. One of the best ways to attract new customers for small businesses involves uploading videos on the business website and on YouTube. Ever since Google bought YouTube, the search engine giant has made YouTube video pages major players in search engine rankings.

As a small business owner, you have one proven way to get your videos ranked high in the three primary search engines. Create “How to…” videos that help prospective customers solve problems. If you operate an auto maintenance shop, upload videos describing how to change the oil and how to rotate tires. Once potential customers begin to trust your professionalism by watching your “How to…” videos, they will visit the shop for more comprehensive auto repair and maintenance work.

Going Mobile

Let’s face it: More consumers than ever are ordering products and services on the go. Marketing Land reported that mobile devices account for almost 70% of all digital content. From ordering a pizza from a Smartphone to purchasing a new iPod from a tablet, consumers have turned to mobile devices for eCommerce. You have to present a small business website design that matches the viewing specifications of mobile devices. If you think mobile is big now, wait just a couple of years when mobile device purchases dominate online sales. A mobile device user who accesses a small business website that only works on a large computer monitor screen will immediately bounce off the site to find a more mobile friendly small business website.

SEO should never be an online marketing technology tool that scares small business owners. By simply paying attention to the three trends in SEO, you can increase your customer conversion rate and most important, develop more loyal customers for your small business.

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