Affordable Self Storage Lubbock Announces its "Storage War and Peace Sweepstakes"

What does one of the most famous (and longest) books ever written by the Russian master-author Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy have to do with a Lubbock storage facility? How can a literary masterpiece that won numerous awards and is widely considered to be one of the best tomes ever and a West Texas Self Storage partnership that has won a number of awards in its own right be brought together to encourage reading, simplicity and business?

Well, some pretty smart people have brought it all together for the month of July through early August.

Affordable Self Storage Lubbock announces an online competition called “The Storage War and Peace Sweepstakes.” Ending August 9th, this competition requires Texas entrants to check out the company page and become a fan at

Playing off of the highly successful television show Storage Wars, entrepreneur Michael Postar who builds and owns twelve other top quality self-storage facilities in West Texas (,, figured it would be a good way to get people excited about creating space at their homes. He and his team combined the TV idea and his own idea with a literary one by making the prize for the winner a Kindle Fire with Leo Tolstoy’s famous book, War and Peace, pre-loaded onto it.

For those not familiar with the Kindle Fire, it is more than a Tablet created for those in love with reading convenience. It is an Amazon-built full-color handheld with a seven inch touch screen. Owners of the Kindle Fire will find they are able to read their favorite books and magazines, and as well be able to access thousands of apps, games and movies. With ultra-fast web browsing on Amazon’s wi-fi, this technological wonder is a sweet prize for anybody.

The director of his online marketing team said, “What better way to encourage storage than to give away a book storage device. Maybe now, people on the South Plains will bring us their actual bookshelves to store for them while they build up a virtual library.”

Find out more information at their Facebook page and while you are at it, if you are in the market for a Self Storage Unit, take a look at their website or visit one of their three locations (32nd and Frankford; 103rd and Frankford or 50th and Avenue Q.)

Michael Postar, owner and entrepreneur, is also the owner and founder of Gargoyle Steel Structures, which is widely considered one of the best Storage Builders in the country. You can read more about him at Wikipedia in a few months. His administrative team, led by Sarah Shideler, has been seeking to involve the public in an interactive forum since the beginning of 2012 and have finally settled on social media sweepstakes and bi-monthly competitions to get everyone fired up.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!! That includes me…

(via PRWeb)