imageusePak Rat Mini Storage owner B.F. “Dutch” van Rijn was running out of units to rent at his North Bonneville, Washington, facility. He bought an adjacent parcel of land and was considering building more permanent units. Dutch analyzed his options, however, and decided to purchase BOS Quick Build containers from BOS Container USA, award-winning producer of portable steel storage containers.

“I was impressed by the quality of the units,” says Dutch, who had done his due diligence by travelling to San Francisco International Airport to see the BOS Containers being used there by United Airlines. “The unit fit and finish is very good, and they are sturdy, utilizing 20-gauge steel.”

In May 2016, Dutch’s order of BOS Containers arrived in North Bonneville, flat-packed in three sea containers. The units were ranging in sizes from 7×7, 10×7, 13×7, 20×7 to container combination 27×7. With container combination, it took a team of four people just 20 minutes to assemble the first BOS SCC 27-foot by 7-foot container combination, which is two 13-by-7 containers joined end-to-end using the BOS proprietary connection kit. Afterwards Dutch had them painted to match his Pak Rat Mini Storage branding.

Dutch says there were several factors that led him to choose portable BOS Containers, which are manufactured in Germany and made of galvanized, recycled steel:

  • BOS Containers have a high degree of adaptability, with multiple units able to connect together. “Future market size requirements might change, and the BOS units can change with it,” Dutch says.
  • Many portable units on the market don’t allow for adequate ventilation, which is important for long-term storage. While a sound, weather-tight unit is essential, the unit must also be able to breathe in order to avoid moisture-related issues — particularly in the Pacific Northwest, where variable weather conditions mean “air-tight” is not an option.
  • His site’s rocky soil was difficult to deal with, which meant permanent foundation work would have been more costly and time-consuming.
  • Portable units were also a tax consideration for Dutch, as “the units can be depreciated over a seven-year time span.”

Check out this video to see just how easy it was for Dutch to grow his business at Pak Rat Mini Storage with BOS Container USA.