Charity Storage Gets New Year Off to Great Start Thanks to Successful Auctions at US Storage Centers

New storage industry charity starts 2012 off with a bang, raising thousands at US Storage Centers throughout Southern California When a fledgling organization has a chance to hit a homerun in its first few times at the plate, you have to think it is doing something right. Charity Storage, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for charities through auctions held at self storage facilities across the country, has been swinging a pretty mean bat right from the get go. In early February, thanks to four auctions held over five days at US Storage Centers in Southern California, Charity Storage was able to raise over $5,000. Throw in support and involvement from the Storage Wars team from A&E Network and you get the perfect storm of support for a worthy cause. “This is a blueprint for how we hope the entire self storage community across America will react to Charity Storage,” said co-founder Lance Watkins, who also oversees Storage Treasures. “It was well-planned and well-executed and there were so many winners – US Storage Centers, charities and the industry in general. It’s a great way for self storage owner/operators to give back to their local communities. This is just the start to what we hope will be a highly successful year.” Barry Hoeven, also a Charity Storage co-founder, helped organize the auctions at his US Storage Centers properties and he acknowledged the star power of “Storage Wars” also contributed greatly to the success of one of the four auctions. “The presence of ‘Storage Wars’ celebrities and their film crew contributed to higher-than-usual bidding, as did the contents of one antique-filled unit,” said Hoeven. “But this was certainly a great illustration of the impact Charity Storage can have as we implement it nationally.” Funds raised by Charity Storage auctions are distributed between the national Self Storage Association’s Scholarship Fund, Kure It Cancer Research, and charities chosen by the self storage facilities from a list of eligible nonprofits. Founded by veteran self storage professionals, Charity Storage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized as tax exempt by the IRS. Federal Tax ID# 45-3253579. For more information, visit or E-mail info(at)charitystorage(dot)org. Kure It is a non-profit organization founded by Barry Hoeven after his diagnosis with kidney cancer. Kure It has raised over $1 million since 2007. For more information about Kure It, please visit For more information about US Storage Center go to (via PRWeb)]]>