Charity Storage Presents Check for $1,000 to SSA Foundation Scholarship Program

Charity Storage Lends Support to SSA Foundation Scholarship Program. Among the many presentations at the recent Self Storage Association (SSA) Spring Conference & Trade Show in Orlando, one was perhaps the most poignant. Moments after members of the SSA Foundation Scholarship Board implored members for support, Charity Storage took to the stage to present a $1,000 check to the program. Charity Storage co-founders Lance Watkins and Barry Hoeven made the presentation to a full house of conference attendees. “It was nice that we could make the presentation right on the heels of their speech asking for support,” said Hoeven, who also founded KureIt, a national nonprofit devoted to cancer research. “The fact that the SSA Foundation supports education in the industry through scholarships makes it a very worthy cause, just like Charity Storage.” Charity Storage was created when Watkins saw the popularity of self storage auctions grow and realized that the self storage industry could give back to society through special auctions whose entire proceeds go to local and national charities. The net proceeds from the sale of each unit at a Charity Storage auction are split three ways — the SSA Foundation receives 10 percent, Kure It Cancer Research receives 30 percent, and the individual facility chooses a local or national charity to receive the remaining 60 percent. “Charity Storage is in its first year of existence and to be able to have so many people in the industry see what we are all about was a very good thing,” added Watkins, who also founded Storage Treasures to help promote self storage auctions across the country. “Hopefully, more and more self storage facilities nationwide will learn about us and start having Charity Storage auctions of their own.” Charity Storage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized as tax exempt by the IRS. Federal Tax ID# 45-3253579. For more information, visit or E-mail info(at)charitystorage(dot)org. (via PRWeb)]]>