Chelton Self Storage Facility Goes Green

Chelton Self Storage facility of Colorado Springs is pleased to announce its new eco-friendly landscaping and other green initiatives. Xeriscaping, also known as smart scaping, is a type of landscaping meant to lower water use by utilizing native plants, smarter watering techniques and layout that accounts for shade, moisture, hill gradient and other elements of the landscape.

At Chelton Self Storage, xeriscaping has replaced thirsty Kentucky bluegrass with native shrubs and plants. Flowering plants and drought resistant trees now provide a warm, colorful and inviting environment for staff and customers. Now customers have peace of mind that their periodic self storage facility visits will be pleasant experiences and will have low environmental impact.

John Cruz, manager of Chelton Self Storage, explains, “Our new landscaping saves us money, time and provides a beautiful backdrop for our storage unit rental customers. We’re pleased that we can offer efficient solutions for our business while also conserving Colorado’s precious natural resources.”

The new, efficient sprinkling system provides drip watering, thus eliminating wasteful water evaporation. Water conservation comes at a particularly good time with the effects of an extreme drought year in Colorado and the Waldo Canyon Fire taking hold. If water restrictions are implemented later this summer, Chelton is in a prime position to have their visually-appealing landscaping thrive rather than die like most ornamental plant landscaping.

Chelton Self Storage also keeps track of green trends in the storage industry through its blog. Their “Green” blog section has covered topics including: “Denver Businessman to Open New Type of Storage Facility – Greenbox,” “The Self Storage Industry Grows Around the World” and “How the Storage Unit Industry Could Be Made Environmentally Friendly.” The blog also explains to readers that keeping their things in storage can be more space, cost and energy efficient.

Cruz also says, “We want to establish ourselves as a leader in the self storage unit industry by making environmentally-friendly business decisions. We also work long and hard educating other businesses along with the general public about the best choices they can make to preserve our planet when it comes to the storage industry and choosing a storage facility.”

There is one added benefit that Cruz is especially pleased about: no more lawn mowing.

About Chelton Self Storage

Chelton Self Storage is the leading storage facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chelton Self Storage has top of the line storage units, 24 hour security and an onsite manager. In addition to blogging about green industry trends, its blog covers other industry news and has established Chelton Self Storage as a leader in the storage facility industry. Those interested in learning more about Chelton Self Storage facility and its green initiatives or how to rent a storage unit can call 866.530.7545 toll-free or visit

(via MarketWatch)