Clow family opens Armored Storage in Queenstown, MD

The Clow family has opened a new climate-controlled, self-storage business next to its electric company in Queenstown, MD. Jay and Sharon Clow started J.J. Clow and Sons Electric in 1976. They raised four sons: John, Jason, Justin and Josh. Later Jason, Justin and Josh joined their father in the electrical company. Like many other small buisnesses the recession and a collapsed housing market took a toll on Clow Electric, but through hard work and vast diversification Clow Electric not only survived the recession it seems to have come out stronger, Clow said. He and his sons decided it was time to bring Clow Electric out of its home headquarters to a new commercial site. About the same time that decision was made, son John was returning home to accept a new position in his profession. He and his wife Sara had a very difficult time finding “climate-controlled self-storage” to store their furniture. That is when Jay Clow said he got the idea that to turn the warehouse, which used to be a flea market, on the new Clow Electric site into a climate-controlled, self-storage facility. Then Armored Storage was born. When opening their doors the Clows decided to match the least expensive similar facility in the area. First month storage is $1. Armored Storage offers 10 percent off to all miliary personnel. Armored Storage is located at 314 Centreville Road, Queenstown, less than a mile from Chesapeake College. (via]]>