DBCI Divisional Safety Milestone 760,000 Hours-No Recordable Injuries

Many times you hear the phrase “Safety is Job 1”.  At DBCI, safety is not just a catch phrase, it’s an every day way of life.  The proof is in their outstanding safety record.  DBCI employees have been accident free at all three locations for over 29 months with their last incident with injury occurring in October of 2009.  At two of the three locations, the employees have been accident free for over three years.  This time period represents over 760,000 man hours worked without a single injury. This record could not be obtained without Safety being a core value for all manufacturing, office, and sales employees, and is truly Extraordinary! The minute you step into a DBCI facility, you can see the importance which is placed on safety. All visitors, vendors, and customers are required, at a minimum, to wear a high visibility yellow hard hat and safety glasses.  The manufacturing employees are required to wear hard hats, safety eyewear, cane mesh arm sleeves, cut resistant gloves, and steel toe shoes. Each day at DBCI begins with a safety meeting, which allows each employee to start their day with a “safety first” attitude.  During this meeting, employees talk about safety observations of work behaviors from the prior day, a relevant safety topic, and any other safety related items. Employees have the authority to interact with other employees on work behaviors, both positive and negative, and to stop a work process if they feel that safety is being compromised. The mindset in each facility is that no one gets hurt. The combination of a positive attitude, commitment to working safely, and self-accountability to speak up to others will keep this group working incident and injury free! About DBCI DBCI is a division of NCI Group, Inc., one of the largest integrated manufacturers and marketers of metal coil coating solutions, metal components and custom metal building systems for the non-residential construction industry in North America.  NCI has a strong commitment to safety and endeavors to provide a work environment free of hazards, expecting and requiring adherence to safe work practices at all times.  The safety and health of all NCI employees will always be NCI’s greatest concern.]]>