Guest Post: Making Lemonade Out of Life’s Little Lemons by Juan Chabriel

Sometimes life gives us lemons, in the storage world our lemons come in forms of “donations” left by tenants. Including but not limited to trash, unwanted furniture and documents. In the case of most items, Florida law allows for the storage facility to charge a disposal fee, but what happens when the left over’s are sensitive documents? In our facility having to find a way to dispose such documents became a learning experience. There aren’t many resources available in terms of what to do in such a situation, and countless calls brought us back to square one. Finally, after following and completing all the proper procedures the solution became obvious: We would have no choice but to shred our new found burden, a 10×25 full of medical papers. But how could we justify the cost, especially when there was no party available to charge. “BINGO” we said, let’s make Lemonade out of Lemons: A FREE SHRED DAY for not only us but all our tenants as well. We are creating an opportunity for our loyal Big Key family and business clients to safely dispose of outdate sensitive documents FREE! On June 6, 2012 we are having a Shredding Day Event. Stay tuned and watch for updates and pictures of our happy customers releasing some stress over those pesky pieces of paper! Big Key Self Storage is located at 16200 SW 137th Ave Miami Fl 33177. Our facility has been in operation since 2008 providing great customer service for each and every client, and Making Room For Life!]]>