Guest Post: Self-Storage – Who uses it? How does it work? How can it save my business money? By Kathy Cooper

Self-Storage has been around since attics, basements and barns were invented.  Finding a place to keep your things goes back further than any of us could imagine.  The Self-Storage industry has grown significantly and continues to be one of the soundest businesses of our time.  Each facility is different and finding the right one for you is a matter of homework, research and good common sense. Who uses it? The answer to this question is ‘just about everyone’.  She is the lady down the street who needs to downsize to a condo or apartment and is not ready to give up or sell her belongings.  They are the tax or medical professionals who need to store their records for several years as required by law.  He or she is the college student who has moved out of their dorm room between semesters.  They are a young couple who are moving into their dream home and the builders are not quite finished.  It’s the local restaurant that just needs more room in the building for supplies.  It is for just about any situation and can range from a month or two – to many years.  Make sure you are signing a month to month lease so you are only utilizing it for the time you need. How does it work? By answering a few questions it is determined what size unit you would need.  You would then tour the facility to physically see the units and compare sizes.  While you are out with the manager – take into account the location, condition of the property, condition of the actual space you will be renting, the expertise and friendliness of the property managers, the gate access hours, payment options and lastly – price.  Most people think that price is the most important factor.  Although it is important, especially in today’s economy, it should not be the overriding factor.  If your things are important enough to store, then taking in to consideration all the other aspects is just as important.  Once you have narrowed down what size unit you need, you will begin the move in process.  This consists of going over rules and regulations of the property, receiving your personal gate access code and signing your rental agreement.  You then move your belongings, inventory, supplies etc… into your new storage space, put on your own lock and drive away.  It’s that simple. How can it save my business money? When you choose to utilize a self-storage facility for your business, you are creating less clutter in your office, more space for organization and an offsite location to house files, samples, equipment etc… with far less rent than a warehouse would cost.  You can give the gate code and key to employees and have them transport items during the work day thus saving time and money.  Inquire at your local storage facility to see if businesses are offered the benefit of 24 hour access to their units.


Kathy Cooper, Facility Manager of Oyster Point Self Storage can be reached at 757-249-7771 or by email at  She runs the property with her husband and they have been in the self-storage industry since 1999.  She enjoys meeting new customers and introducing them to all that Oyster Point has to offer.  Her belief is that the three things that make any business successful are a quality product, excellent customer service and a fair price.  Visit their website at for more information.  ]]>