Messenger Xtra: Curl-Lok Makes Self-Storage Debut

Chattanooga Facility Houses Revolutionary New Product


A newly constructed self-storage facility near downtown Chattanooga will be home to nearly 200 Curl-Lok doors. Curl-Lok, the latest innovation from sheet door manufacturer DBCI, is the only self-storage door that can be repaired on-site thanks to its patented locking panels (patent pending).

“I think Curl-Lok is a great idea” says Steve Ponsell, vice president at Griffco Design/Build, the company that managed construction of the property. “If a door gets damaged during construction, it’s a lot easier to swap out a few panels than take down and reinstall an entire new door. It’s an effective solution to a common problem.”

Customers aren’t likely to notice a difference between the first two floors and the third, which houses the Curl-Lok doors. Curl-Lok maintains the same look and durability of every DBCI door series, including the custom yellow 650 series requested for this project.

The advantages of Curl-Lok don’t end at the door itself. Shipping panels for repair work instead of an entire new door will reduce associated freight costs and increase delivery speed. Replacement panels can also be stored on-site, which will virtually eliminate down-time.

“Curl-Lok is simply a more cost-effective door soultion for the self-storage industry,” offers DBCI general manager Roc Hughes, “It’s a convenient and efficient product that extends the life of a door and helps facilities remain profitable into the future.”

DBCI is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial-grade steel roll-up doors and self-storage solutions. Headquartered in Douglasville, Ga., DBCI also operates production facilities in Houston, Texas, and Chandler, Ariz.

TJ Kuehn is Marketing Brand Manager for DBCI.