Messenger Xtra: Expand Your Horizons – Add a Portable Storage Business Component

As a self-storage facility operator, the most obvious and traditional ways to expand your business are adding new buildings or new locations. However, not only can these efforts be quite costly, they can also be a very risky business move, as there’s no guarantee that you’ll see a prompt return on your investment.

So, it’s important to realize that these aren’t the only ways that you can expand your business horizons. For example, another option to consider is to invest in adding a portable storage component to your existing business. This approach to increasing your services provides a number of benefits to both you and to your customers:

Cut Down on Costs

Adding more permanent storage units to your facility is expensive, even if you already have the space on your property to do so. The construction costs could be especially substantial if you house your storage units inside of a facility, and you have to add on to that building in order to include more storage units. Adding on will boost your ongoing utility bills, insurance premiums and you risk having empty units sitting un-rented for an indeterminate length of time.

By adding a portable storage component, instead, your up-front financial investments include purchases that offer a direct and prompt return on investment, including storage containers, a truck and lift, and staff.

Cut Down On Business Risk

In some cases, you may not be able to build on to your storage facility, so if you want to expand your business by building more storage units, you’ll need to invest in an additional storage location. This is going to require a substantial amount of money for property, construction, and advertising, and there’s absolutely no guarantee that the second location will be as successful as your existing location.

By implementing a portable storage business component into your current self-storage operation, instead, you can reduce such long-term financial risks that could sink your business. The ability to gradually invest in as many portable storage containers as you deem appropriate in regards to your company’s financial situation and the customer demand reduces your risk, and increases your income possibilities.

Provide Safety and Security

Portable storage units are attractive to customers due, in large part, to the security that they offer as compared to on-site self-storage. Containers can be locked and secured via traditional methods not dissimilar to the on-site self-storage units, however, customers can keep a personal eye on their rented container as it sits in their yard or driveway, as well. This provides extra levels of comfort, access and convenience for customers which are unique to a portable storage service.

Provide Customers With More Options

Giving your customers more options adds an extra dimension to your business. By providing portable storage containers, your customers will have the choice of renting out one of your on-site storage units or having a portable unit delivered to their home. This can help you to expand your customer base in two ways:

  1. Some customers will only want to use a portable unit for a short period of time in order to move from one home to another and thus won’t be in need of a longer-term on-site storage facility.
  2. Most people do not prefer to store their possessions and valuables in self-storage units located beyond a 10 mile radius of themselves. By offering the delivery of a portable storage unit, you instantly expand your target audience radius by at least 30 miles!
  3. If you are running a storage unit operation and are looking for a way to expand your business or increase the success of your company, adding a portable storage business is something to consider. This decision is a low risk investment and has the potential to increase your customer base and to provide your company with a strong ROI.

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