Messenger Xtra: Innovation in Action! Simple Repair with Curl-Lok

By T.J. Kuehn

New Curl-Lok™ doors from DBCI offer everything you look for in a new product.  They address a common problem, provide a long-term savings option, and are simple to use.

The standard complaint about self-storage doors has always been one of convenience.  Namely, if one is damaged, it needs to be replaced in its entirety.  All that changes with Curl-Lok doors, constructed with removable panels that can be replaced one at a time.  This new innovation provides facility owners a cost-saving advantage that reaches well into the future.

Repair work is simple. Take a look at this typical replacement:

-Roll door out of guides and lower to manageable height.

-Remove locking pins and/or staples from each side, and slide out panel.

-Roll in the new panel, and insert locking pins at the joints.

-Insert the door back into top of the guides and feed through.

That’s it!  The entire process usually takes less than 20 minutes. If replacement panels are kept on site, the unit experiences almost zero down time.

TJ Kuehn is Marketing Brand Manager for DBCI.