Midtown Vault Expands Solar Panel Use

00000MEMPHIS, TN- Midtown Vault Storage, a self-storage facility developed by Absolute Storage Management in 2006, is doing their part to conserve energy by increasing solar panel usage on their building. Preserving energy and saving money at the same time, it’s a win win! The Midtown Memphis area storage property started using solar panels in 2013, only covering half of the building and saving a third of the usual electric bill. Due to the success of the first round of panels, the property is expanding and using even more solar panels. This expansion will cover nearly all of the buildings’ 12,500sqft roof with solar panels.

LightWave Solar, the company who installed the panels, has serviced many Memphis companies with these solar panels. More and more companies are starting to use solar panels on their buildings and soon everyone will be jumping on this wagon, saving the world one panel at a time. “Our solar panel system is now covering 2/3rds of our carbon footprint at the Vault and will do so for the next 25+ years. We have been very pleased with our experience with LightWave Solar and the system they installed”, said Michael Haugh, ASM President and developer of the Midtown Vault. The midtown area of Memphis, TN is blossoming with new restaurants, stores, and more urban revitalization; the new solar panels will definitely help bring midtown into full bloom.

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