Mobile Web Site Design the Latest Innovation for Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell USA, LLC, a self-storage company utilizing a modern concept, this week announced it has launched a mobile web site designed to make it easy for customers to find a self storage franchise near them and capture pricing using their smartphones. Zippy Shell’s new mobile web site has many key features online customers have appreciated from the company’s full web site. The primary convenience feature is a Zippy finder, making it easy to find a Zippy Shell self storage operation with their smart phone. Entering a zip code will return a list of the nearest locations complete with contact information and direct access to information about the location. . Consumers looking for self storage will have an easier time getting accurate storage quotes and other key information through Zippy Shell’s new mobile site. A quick and convenient quote system puts pricing information at a smartphone user’s fingertips. Customers not sure what size storage container or how many they will need can now access the Zippy Shell storage container size guidelines. When customers need more information about their local Zippy Shell franchise, they can easily access a full descriptive page including contact information. Zippy Shell has several social media tools that make it easy for consumers and franchisees to follow everything happening with the company. The new mobile web site provides direct access to Zippy Shell’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and YouTube sites through prominent buttons located on the mobile site. “Having a mobile web site design in place is critical for our Zippy Shell customers and franchises,” said Ben Taylor, Director of Marketing. “So much is done through smartphones today, we wanted to create a mobile user experience that provided convenience and easy-to-access information. Our new mobile web site delivers all of that and more.” “The Zippy Shell system is an intelligent and simple self-storage solution for residential and business customers. Zippy Shell allows for a storage container to be delivered to a customer in a street registered vehicle which provides much greater flexibility than other mobile storage solutions.]]>