Registration for Tom Litton's Latest Webinar Is Now Open!

Self-storage industry expert Tom Litton heads Litton Property Management, Inc., and the self-storage management division of Litton Management & Consulting, Inc. He has extensive experience in self-storage property development, ownership and management, and is the author of two highly regarded books on these topics. Join Tom Litton for Finding Your Customers, Collecting Your Money, Conducting Better Auctions, a two-hour online workshop that will provide tools and tips for managing delinquencies, handling collections and streamlining the lien sale process. Hour One – Managing Delinquencies

  • Calculating statistics for delinquencies: Which method is best for you?
  • New and innovative ways to get your delinquent customers to pay
  • 10 collection strategies to avoid a lien sale
  • How to track them down: Finding people who have “disappeared”
  • Using the Internet to provide low-cost rent reminders
Hour Two – Conducting Better Lien Sales
  • Should you hire an auctioneer?
  • Drawing a crowd: How to get a better turnout at the sale
  • Websites that will advertise your auction for free
  • Yielding better auction prices
  • Building your defense: Maintaining proper lien sale files in case you are sue
The two-hour session will take place Wednesday, June 25th at 11 AM PST, and the cost is $49.95 per attendee. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER]]>