Safestore Launches New Powerhouse Site

The UK’s largest self storage company, Safestore, have today launched their new site build; which includes a powerful J-Query quick quote engine, real time pricing, store price comparison engine and interactive size visualization tool. Self-storage giant Safestore has today, in collaboration with digital agencies HROC and Brandfluent Digital, launched an industry leading website in the UK self-storage market. The site has been built with the intention of getting relevant information to customers as expeditiously as possible, allowing potential customers to have a bespoke quote calculated and delivered without having to leave the homepage. The project has been extensive, but the brand is happy that the new build not only caters for the individual customer as they arrive onsite, but also provides a wealth of valuable information and content. Segmenting traffic helps to direct the user to information and offers relevant to their needs, which means an easier journey and more specific and relevant information. Some of the key features of the new website include a quick quote engine; which gives the customer an estimate price without ever having to leave the page, instant and real time pricing, price comparisons between different storage locations, an interactive size visualisation tool and tailored storage solutions for different storage users. With over 150 locations throughout the UK, Safestore have streamlined this mammoth build to make every landing page only a few quick clicks away from a bespoke quote. Aesthetically, the new build has a professional warmth which the brand are keen to build in to their image. The design is purpose-built, but yet not overwhelmed with tools and options and includes high quality relevant images to help pass through the navigation and internal pages without the excessive use of text. Safestore are confident that their honest (showing prices without capturing any information about the customer) and user-focused approach to their new build will indicate that they are constantly focussed on their customers best interests. About Safestore Safestore are the UK’s largest self-storage company, with units spanning the length and breadth of the UK and throughout Paris. The brand offer not only storage units for every requirement, but also office space, virtual offices, document archiving services, warehouse storage, van hire, student storage and packing supp  ]]>