Self Storage Provider Coronado Mobile Storage Joins Forces with LAD Solutions in Promoting Storage Containers as Mobile Offices

With the collapse in real estate prices and explosive growth in home foreclosures across the United States, Americans have been increasing their demand for affordable storage. Portable storage units serve as a wise financial and time saving alternative to traditional public self-storage.

Coronado Mobile Storage has been helping customers with their mobile storage needs since 1996, but has since begun offering to convert storage units to make-shift offices, permanent storage units, and for the occasional individual, homes. Helping the company promote this idea is LAD Solutions, a respected Los Angeles internet marketing firm. The process of converting mobile storage units to usable office space requires very little effort from the interested parties other than a small financial commitment.

The initial part of the process is probably the most challenging: finding and purchasing a quality storage container. Coronado Mobile Storage recommends customers find “One Trip” containers, which in the industry mean they have crossed the Pacific Ocean once. If that’s not possible, a “Marine Survey,” is recommended, which is a document certifying a container is in fact worthy of holding cargo. Unfortunately, many dishonest San Diego storage companies try to sell off useless containers in order to minimize their financial losses.

Companies looking for a quick and affordable solution to a mobile office may consider purchasing a portable storage container. Containers can be outfitted with a lockbox, a variety of vents, roll-up doors, windows, typical doors for entrance, and the interior can be finished to create the appearance of a typical office. Customers can also request a number of other custom modifications, if they are interested in doing so.

By the time the project is completed, companies will have mobile offices appearing just like their permanent counterparts. And, they will have saved themselves thousands of dollars during the process. If customers believe they have found a more competitive price, they are invited to solicit a quote and present it to Coronado Mobile Storage. Businesses interested in purchasing and self storage container and converting it into affordable office space should visit Coronado Mobile Storage’s website for further details.

About Coronado Mobile Storage:

Founded in 1996 with just two storage containers and a truck, Coronado Mobile Storage has grown to service more than 450 storage containers with 13 delivery vehicles. Containers are stored at the company’s Chula Vista location, and clients are allowed to access them any time, day or night. The company keeps a small size in order to help maintain a focus on customer service, while still remaining able to serve a large number of clients.

(via PRWeb)