Storage Deluxe Introduces Storage Butler – Full-Service NYC Storage

Storage Deluxe, New York City’s leading self-storage company, announced today that it has started a new division, Storage Butler.  Storage Butler is a full-service storage solution which was formed for one reason – to make New York City storage customers’ lives easier.

New York City residents and small business owners too often run out of space in their notoriously cramped apartments and tight office spaces, and need a place to store items they may not need every day, or items they don’t have room for but are not ready to part with. Storage options in Manhattan, however, are limited and expensive.  Storage facilities in the boroughs, such as the seven owned by Storage Deluxe, are more plentiful with better rates – but, for many Manhattan residents, these facilities can be difficult to get to. For these people, Storage Butler is an easy, effortless solution.  “Storage Butler turns self-storage into full-service storage,” explains Patrick Geoghegan, District Manager. “Customers will never have to lift a finger or physically go to a storage facility again. Your butler will come to you to pick up your stuff, anywhere in New York City, and bring it back to you when you need it. It doesn’t get much easier or more affordable to store your stuff!” This new “full-service storage” works in four easy steps: First, customers interested in Storage Butler will call and explain what they would like to store and will be advised which plan best fits their need. Next, the Storage Butler will come to the apartment or office and deliver storage containers. These containers, which range in size from totes to wardrobes, have serial numbers on them so customers can keep track of what is in each one for future reference and remain sealed from the time the customer closes them until they are returned by the Butler. Next, the Butler will store the filled containers in the new state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility which has 24/7 security – including cameras inside and outside of the storage units. When customers need something back, even if it just one container and only a few days later, they will call and notify Storage Butler of which container they need and it will be delivered back to their apartment or office. “Our service team is first class,” said Frank Crivello, Sr. Vice President of Operations and Marketing. “We have a very high bar and a sophisticated verification system they need to pass through before they are hired. These storage professionals treat the customers’ belongings like they would treat their own.” Storage Deluxe prides itself on being less expensive than Manhattan-based storage facilities, and Storage Butler follows suit, as it is less expensive than self-storage rates in Manhattan. To meet the needs of any storage customer, Storage Butler offers a variety of affordable all-inclusive packages as well as pay-as-you-go options. For more information on Storage Butler or to schedule a pickup, customers can visit or call 1-877-989-STORE or 718-STORAGE. About Storage Deluxe: Storage Deluxe, leading provider of self-storage in the New York metropolitan area, has more than a half dozen facilities and offers hundreds of thousands of rentable square feet. For more information on Storage Deluxe, visit To stay connected, become a fan of Storage Deluxe on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Media Contact: Jackie DiBella EGC Group, 516-935-4944,

(via PR Newswire )