Storage Structures, Inc. Introduces Solution for Operators Responding to ADA Requirements for Self Storage Units

Storage Structures, Inc. has introduced to provide economical answers to retrofitting self storage units to comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the ADA’s “scoping requirements” 5% of the first 200 units, and 2% of the units over 200 must be accessible. For example, a 350 space facility must have 13 accessible spaces. RAMP FOR EXTERIOR UNITS Storage Structures now offers operators a ramp made of G90 galvanized 16 gauge prime steel that can be installed in designated units that fits the full width of the door opening and fills in the weather ledge recession. The ramp meets the requirements for slope (“An ADA wheelchair ramp may have a slope of 1-1/2:12 to 1-3/16:12 ratio, but not for a rise of more than 3 inches.”) DOOR HANDLES Storage Structures provides new handles that can be installed to raise and lower a self storage roll-up door. The exterior rope handles are installed 15 inches above the floor to allow full range to roll the door up. The interior handle hangs down around 40 to 48 inches above the floor for ease to close. DOOR SIGNAGE Storage Structures provides signage to complete your conversion process to meet compliance with ADA standards. Heath Mulkey, President of Storage Structures was straight-forward about the new product line. He explained “the industry was being warned about these requirements for units for years. We knew the enforcement date of March 15, 2012 was coming. I wanted to have a product prepared that was economical. Operators can do the installation themselves. They just need to provide us the measurements to make the ramps.” Scott Stinard, a licensed architect with Stinard Architecture who has designed dozens of self storage facilities and is familiar with the ADA requirements said “these products offer a one-stop shop method of meeting the ADA requirements that apply to self storage units.” Scott Zucker, an attorney specializing in self storage law, and a partner in the Self Storage Legal Network commented that “Storage Structures understands the construction requirements to make self storage facilities compliant with the ADA standards. The installation of these products can help to avoid costly lawsuits for many operators. Storage Structures was ahead of the curve on making this available so quickly.” Self Storage Legal Network partner Carlos Kaslow noted, “Storage facilities must be in compliance with the ADA access regulations.  There are attorneys that specialize in bringing private ADA enforcement lawsuits against small businesses. Storage Structures offers a cost effective method of meeting this challenge.” For More information, Go to:]]>