Adds Tens of Thousands of Storage Facilities to the Largest Storage Facility Database Worldwide, the frontrunner amongst all self-storage auction databases, has updated its website with forty-three thousand unique, customizable facility pages, solidifying its commitment to always revolutionizing storage auction. Even twenty-first century treasure hunters need a map that they can count on. As the curiosity in storage unit auction hunting continues to surge across the United States, so does the bar continue to rise for online databases to deliver auction itineraries that collectors and entrepreneurs can trust. As an integral feature to its completely revamped website, has further revolutionized the auction hunting process by creating unique, navigable add-on web pages for each and every storage facility that it draws data from, making it one of the largest, most comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly auction finding tools on the web. Along with launching its all-new “storageunitauctionlist 2.0” on April 3rd, 2012, the website’s developers have also added over forty-three thousand unique storage facilities that the company receives data from in order to aid subscribers in honing in on self storage auctions in their home town as well as those nearby. This new feature has been implemented to reinforce storageunitauctionlist’s commitment to both auction quantity and listing quality, ensuring that its user’s small subscription fees are well spent. A subscriber no longer needs to weed through a blocky, disorganized list of auction information irrelevant to their region, a trait prevalent in free sites. Now, “” navigators can click the “Browse Facilities Near You” feature to pull up all of the active auction sites that are located in and around a bidder’s local community. Users can now easily add these facilities as “Favorite Facilities” and when these facilities have auctions scheduled, the auction dates will be automatically added to their auction itineraries for future reference. Users can set alerts for these auctions via SMS or email notifications, depending on preference. Keeping in mind that some small towns are not nearly as active with auctions as major metropolitan suburbs, a “Facility Page” will also conveniently list the addresses, dates and times for upcoming neighboring auctions if there are none listed for the facility they are browsing. An additional perk is the self-updating weather table feature, which is present on each page and reflects the weather conditions at any given self-storage auction, coast to coast. has always strived to keep one step ahead of competing websites by having a surefire, interactive relationship with their nationwide provisional facilities, evidenced by the custom page additions. The website embodies all of the best features of similar sites, such as,, and to ensure its users are getting everything they need from one source. Unlike these free resources, there is no guesswork involved in SUAL’s data or data gathering methods. Auctions are actively delivered to the site by our associate facilities via a simple form, and SUAL’s staff in turn verifies that the auction is still live by re-contacting the facility forty eight hours prior to the auction. Unlike, for example, who gathers its data solely through individual auctioneers, storageunitauctionlist cuts out the middle man and actively pursues auctions that are imminent and beneficial to the smooth business of the facility owners themselves. “The one thing everyone has to keep in mind when thinking about storage auctions is that they exist for a reason,” said Maddison Lake, President and Founder of “To most storage facility operators, storage auctions are vital to recover losses on delinquent accounts and free up additional space for new customers. We have never forgotten, and as a result, we’ve done our best to make it easier for self storage operators to quickly and conveniently list their auctions on our website, to reach a more serious, motivated and driven force of auction hunters in their local areas.” With the viral popularity of storage auction television shows (Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, et al), there has come an overwhelming mob of brand new auction goers who attend with no intention to bid, often to the dismay of both the facility owners and serious attendees, new or seasoned. Free online listings are often simply too transparent, pulled second handedly from local news sources, driving in hoards of amateur bidders. is a unique service because it aids facility owners in freeing up costly, delinquent lockers by delivering them serious, prepaying, high bidding customers who discovered their auction through an exclusive, high caliber source. Through the brand new series of facility by facility web pages, customers will find their auction locating process that much simpler so they can focus on winning lockers. As for the auction providers, they are happy to now have their own web page, driving in an elite bidding environment where everyone is participating. For modern treasure hunters looking to scour the units across the entire countryside, or for the conservative collector simply seeing what relics their local community holds,’s addition of over forty-thousand additional pages, each complete with a self-updating weather feature for those looking to avoid grey skies, has further helped the company zero in on their goal of always revolutionizing the experience of the bidders themselves. About was founded by serial entrepreneur Maddison Lake in Asheville, North Carolina in the winter of 2010. The website draws from forty-three thousand self-storage locations on a daily basis to compile the most accurate and updated auction listing data possible for bidders. The entries include each auction’s state, city, facility name and address, and approximately how many units are being auctioned off in order to afford subscribers surefire itineraries. Their large, in house staff of over 25 full time employees is comprised of call center representatives, customer support, web engineers, data verifiers, researchers and facility liaisons, all working around the clock to connect their clientele with experts and expert information on all things self-storage auction related. The website’s primary office is located in Asheville, North Carolina at 9 SW Pack Square 28801. A representative can be reached at 1-800-353-8417, and all inquiries concerning our new site, policies, future plans, or subscriptions can be mailed to info(at)StorageUnitAuctionList(dot)com. (via PRWeb)]]>