'Upscale' Storage Facility Planned for Centerra, Colorado

“One of the toughest things in self-storage is getting approval,”

Beshore acknowledged. “They’re a little blighty.” But his facility, he said, “doesn’t look like the typical self-storage. They have pitched roofs, cupolas on them.” The buildings will be constructed of decorative block, he said, and they will be surrounded by decorative fencing and a locking gate. “It’ll have a lot of curb appeal to it. That’s kind of the mandate within Centerra.” GreenTree paid $1.36 million for the property and will spend another $5 million or more to build Self-Storage @ Centerra, Beshore said. About 310 of the units will be contained in three climate-controlled buildings, with the storage accessible from interior hallways, Beshore said. The units will be kept between 55 degrees and the low 80s, he said. One 12,000-square-foot building will be dedicated to secured document storage for companies such as law offices, banks and medical practices that need to keep paperwork safe. Access to those units will be allowed only in the presence of an employee, he said. The rest of the units will be traditional self-storage, although Beshore said the company will target commercial users. He said Centerra’s status as a business and employment center, with 7,500 employees working in the offices and retail stores, made the location a logical choice. Prices for the storage will be competitive, Beshore said, ranging from $60 a month up to $450. No outside vehicle storage will be allowed. Beshore said the facility will be the only one of its kind in Northern Colorado. He has been involved with similar self-storage businesses in other parts of the country and said they’ve been “extremely successful.” (via reporterherald.com)]]>