Victorville-Based Got Storage Upgrades RV Storage Facilities

Self-storage specialists Got Storage have recently announced that the company will be upgrading their RV storage facilities in Victorville. This upgrade will include the latest innovations in security technology and is designed to ensure that clients can feel completely secure in leaving their prized possessions at the facility without having to be concerned about the possibility of theft and related security problems. The company’s latest security additions include the use of CCTV technology to ensure that all areas of the facility are protected by the latest motion-sensing cameras. This security system is now in operation 24-hours a day and is linked directly to security personnel in the area who can be alerted to potential security breach that is in progress in real-time. The use of a taped video system will now allow security staff within the company to review and improve their in-house procedures as they seek to optimize the experience of their clients. In addition, the team at Got Storage has integrated a high-performance alarm system on each of the individual doors within the facility. These alarms are trigged when unauthorized entry into the secure area is detected. When triggered, the alarm will notify security specialists in the area to an event in progress and they will then go to the site of the alarm and review the issue. Another recent innovation within the organization has been the changes made to the indoor RV storage infrastructure. The Victorville company has recently upgraded the roofing in their RV storage facilities in order to ensure that the area is completely protected against inclement weather. This ensures that clients storing their RV within the area will find that their vehicle is in immaculate condition upon their return. The company’s upgrades will assure all clientele of the best possible storage experience within the Got Storage facilities. Clients who wish to learn more about the recent company developments may wish to contact their in-house personnel directly to learn more. About Got Storage: Victorville, California-based Got Storage are one of the state’s leading storage specialists. The company offers a wide array of self storage, business storage and RV storage services to their thousands of local cliental. For more information, please go to]]>