Zippy Shell Mobile Self Storage opens on the Main Line of Philadelphia

Zippy Shell USA, LLC. franchisor of the fastest growing mobile self-storage business is opening on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Zippy Shell of Main Line is now open in King of Prussia Pennsylvania. David and Christine Stevens owners of Zippy Shell Main Line are officially open for business to offer door-to-door mobile self-storage in the greater Philadelphia area. Franchisees of Zippy Shell USA, LLC. offer consumers convenient, affordable mobile self-storage. Through its unique system, Zippy Shell franchisees are able to bridge the gap for consumers between the convenience offered through using portable storage and the affordability typically associated with traditional storage. In short, consumers get the best value solution in the market. “This is a very exciting time for everyone involved. We are a local family to the King of Prussia area and are thrilled to be bringing this great brand and service to our neighbors”, said David Stevens, President of Zippy Shell Main Line.” We know that our customers will find this service to be second to none.” “We are so excited to be opening up a Zippy Shell Mobile Self Storage Franchise in the King of Prussia market. We couldn’t think of better people than David and Christine to represent us there”, said Rick Del Sontro, President, Zippy Shell USA, LLC. “They both have a clear vision of what impact their Zippy Shell franchise will have on their community. The market demand for storage both from consumers and businesses is very strong in this area of the country. We have great expectations for their business.” The Stevens story is quite unique. Their daughter attended college away from home. Each year David and Christine would have to rent a truck, load all of her items from her college residence into the truck and haul them off to a storage facility. Then they would unload everything and put it into the unit. When school started again, they had to do this all over again to move her back into her residence. “We thought to ourselves, this is crazy, said Steven’s. “ There has to be a better way. That’s when I got online and found Zippy Shell Mobile Self Storage. The light bulb went off in my head. This made all the sense in the world.” The Zippy Shell system is a smart and easy self storage solution. It offers a tremendous value solution to the marketplace by providing both convenient and affordable storage. The Zippy Shell solution allows for a storage container to be delivered to a customer in a street registered vehicle which provides much greater flexibility than other mobile storage solutions. About Zippy Shell USA, LLC Zippy Shell USA, LLC is a domestic franchisor of a patent pending and unique mobile self-storage system. The Zippy Shell system currently has 16 independent owned operators of the Zippy Shell Brand in 34 markets. Zippy Shell USA, LLC is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Entrepreneurs interested in learning more about Zippy Shell franchise opportunities should visit]]>