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2019 Developing Self-Storage Handbook


There many considerations and decisions around building new self-storage facilities. Get the insight and know-how necessary to make critical, informed decisions with the 2019 Development Handbook for Self-Storage!

Experts cover a variety of important topics from selecting the right sight and assembling a team to designs that maximize revenue and construction financing, and everything in between.

PLEASE NOTE: The digital edition is readable online only. It cannot be printed or downloaded as a PDF.


More about the 2019 Developing Self-Storage Handbook

Developing self-storage facilities require considerable planning and due diligence. Many self-storage operators are feeling the impact of new supply with approximately 800 new facilities in the pipeline for 2019. While this could drop as much as 50 percent in 2020 as many markets reach saturation, operators nationwide are already feeling the effects of new supply. In fact, rental rates are dropping in some areas that are reaching market saturation, and concessions are being offered in order to reach lease-up expectations.

Nevertheless, new capital continues to chase deals in our industry due to the longevity of successful self-storage operations. For this very reason, many investors from other real estate sectors are now turning to self-storage as a viable industry for investment. So, what does this mean for self-storage? Simply put, developers—old and new—need to do their due diligence and built smart!

In this publication, you will find a wealth of information from industry veterans and experts about developing self-storage —from understanding the effect of what’s in the pipeline to choosing the right site, navigating the development process, and opening your doors for business.

We are confident that the 2019 Self-Storage Development Handbook will provide self-storage developers with the most up-to-date information available to assist in making critical business decisions during the building process. We wish you continued success with your self-storage endeavors!

Inside, experts discuss these and many more important topics around developing self-storage:

  • Understanding the steps, getting started and assembling a team
  • Finding the right site
  • Environmental assessments
  • Overcoming topography
  • Evaluating the site plan and unit mix
  • Current architectural trends
  • Designs to maximize square footage and profits
  • Security options
  • Mistakes and pitfalls to avoid
  • Creating a retail environment
  • What to include in a lease agreement
  • Choosing the right doors
  • Construction financing
  • Insurance
  • Much more!

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