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2020 RV & Boat Development Handbook


What’s covered in the handbook?

– Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies
– Building from A to Z
– Facility Design
– Construction Costs
– Security & Technology
– Environmental Challenges
– Financing
– Marketing For RV & Boat Facilities
– More!

PLEASE NOTE: The digital edition is readable online only. It cannot be printed or downloaded as a PDF.


RV and boat storage has evolved into an asset class of its own with many facilities being developed solely for the storage of high-dollar vehicles. Moreover, the need for RV and boat storage has seen significant growth in the United States due to two factors: the increase in the number of homeowners associations and an uptick in the manufacturing and sales of recreational vehicles and boats.

In order to build a profitable facility in this niche market, however, it is extremely important to lay the proper groundwork. Hence, in the 2020 RV & Boat Storage Development Handbook, you will find a wealth of information from industry experts to guide you through the process of developing RV and boat storage—from finding the right site and designing an efficient facility to building and financing the project.

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