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2024 Self-Storage Appraiser Bundle

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Available in Print & Virtual/Digital

The 2024 Self-Storage Appraiser Bundle is a discounted bundle that includes the 2024 Self-Storage Expense Guidebook and the 2024 Self-Storage Almanac.

  • The 2024 Self-Storage Almanac features the most up-to-date data, trends, and analysis that self-storage owners, operators, investors, developers, and appraisers have come to rely on.
  • The 2024 Self-Storage Expense Guidebook includes additional information on the operating expenses for self-storage properties. This is a digital-only product.

More About the 2024 Self-Storage Almanac

Make the most informed decisions about your business!

The first edition of the Self-Storage Almanac was published in 1992 to help self-storage operators run their businesses more efficiently and to show that self-storage was evolving into a growing real estate asset class of its own. Since then, we've continuously expanded and improved the scope of information presented in the Almanac. Whether you are investing, building, operating, appraising, or managing self-storage facilities, the Almanac will provide you with the most current and comprehensive data, statistics, analysis, and trends in the self-storage industry.

In this latest edition, our largest yet at 192 pages, you'll find:

  • Historical data on rental rates and occupancy (2019 - 2023)
  • Facility site data
  • Valuation and capitalization rates
  • Financing
  • Supply and demand
  • Customer data
  • Business customer trends
  • Marketing strategies
  • RV & boat development
  • And much more.

More About the 2024 Self-Storage Almanac

Get the latest self-storage operating expenses!

This product is digital only.

For nearly 40 years, real estate professionals, investors, brokers, owners, managers, researchers, appraisers, governmental agencies, and market observers have turned to Modern Storage Media's educational publications for self-storage data, statistics and information. We developed the Self-Storage Expense Guidebook because so many readers of the annual Self-Storage Almanac requested additional information on the operating expenses for self-storage properties. Once again, we have partnered with the self-storage teams at Newmark to bring you the latest self-storage operating expenses. The 2024 edition of the Guidebook is based upon responses from owners and operators of self-storage properties, nationwide. Our Expense guidebook has become one of the most sought after products produced by Modern Storage Media. Just as we continue to refine the scope of the Self-Storage Almanac, so do we strive to continually improve the scope of the data in the Expense Guidebook. Once again in this year’s edition you will find the overall expense to income ratio on a national basis, as well as overall facility income and rental revenue growth and the traditional expense data broken down into more precise categories. It is important to note that the data in this edition is not collected on a same-store basis; therefore, the numbers represent an average based partner data. For additional self-storage data and statistics, we suggest that you look to the 2024 Self-Storage Almanac and the many other educational products offered by Modern Storage Media. Above all, we hope you find this edition of the Expense Guidebook to be a valuable tool with which to pursue your self-storage endeavors. Major self-storage operating expense categories included: taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance, administration, on- and off-site management, utilities and advertising. Data is broken down by national figures as well as regions including East, Mideast, Northeast, Midwest, East North Central, West North Central, South, Southeast, Southwest, West, Mountain, and Pacific.