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Self-Storage Profits: Technology to Increase Revenue


Learn how to leverage technology to:

  • Automate the rental and move-in process.
  • Improve operations.
  • Increase your visibility into site activity.
  • Lease up faster and stay leased up.
  • Drive revenue growth.
  • Much more!

Mobile-friendly websites and smartphone apps are becoming increasingly important to owner operators. Savvy self-storage owners are turning to technology to help drive revenue and distinguish themselves from their competition.

Creating an end-to-end mobile experience for your customers can set you apart, help you lease up faster, and enable you to stay leased up. Successful case studies included!

Developed by Janus International.

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Self-storage profits can be boosted through many new technology offerings. From increasing online visibility, improving operations, and fully automating online rentals to improving site security, technology is being leveraged in self-storage in many new and exciting ways. This may come as little surprise considering the litany of new products that have entered the self-storage industry and have been quickly adopted by owner operators throughout the U.S. and Canada to grow self-storage profits. These new products and technologies, paired with the continued consumer trend of favoring digital interaction with businesses, have made many operators take stock of their systems and their digital strategies.

Technology in other industries has made the consumer experience more seamless, and consumers are willing to pay for this convenience.

Today, most customers are on their smartphone. Meeting your customers where they are at is important and they have come to expect it. This means mobile-friendly websites and smartphone apps are becoming increasingly important to owner operators.

In this publication, we explore how technology is improving the way we capture and communicate with customers, automating the rental and move-in process, improving operations, increasing owner visibility into site activity, and ultimately helping drive revenue growth. We’ve also provided case studies throughout so you can see how real operators are implementing technology and their results. This product is a small investment that can yield new self-storage profits for your facility.

Inside this publication, you will learn more about:

  • Using technology to create modern self-storage facilities with smart locks and access control technology
  • Providing good customer service with texting technology
  • Using mobile technology to innovate
  • The best technologies to protect your facility
  • Understanding today’s “smart” technology
  • Case study: How Keylock Storage leveraged new technology
  • Case study: How On Guard Storage implemented the virtual management model
  • Case study: How Comfort Storage thrives with technology and customer service

Developed by Janus International.

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