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Paul Schween Sales Study Guide


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The PSSG is a self-study course designed to encourage sales people to reflect on their level of sales expertise and professionalism. The PSSG exercise contained on this coaching CD allow sales people to develop their approach in each critical area of the sales cycle. The following areas are closely scrutinized with numerous questions put forth by Mr. Schween in this unique PowerPoint Presentation with complimentary workbook and audio commentary. This Program is a must  for those new in sales, beginning a new position within an organization or any manager who wishes to focus their team on a comprehensive approach for cultivating effective techniques for success in the sales profession!

The PSSG Guide includes the following items

  • Prospecting- creating a referral base clientele, every technique from A to Z
  • Initial Contact – First Impressions that Make and break opportunities
  • Qualifying/ Questioning/ Probing – Getting To The Client’s story – selling to the need
  • Presentations- Avoiding the data dump and getting clients emotionally involved
  • Handling Objections / Excuses – Knowing the difference and developing reliable user friendly scripts for even the most difficult scenarios
  • Closing – How and when to strengthen or soften your most critical closing questions

The PSSG also Includes the following support tools

  • Bonus Files
  • Public Seminar Workbook with all the Answers
  • Fabulous Fax Cover Funnies
  • The best of the best Sales Colloquialisms
  • Successory Knock Offs
  • The Pair analysis Goal Setting matrix all inclusive package

By Paul Schween

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