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Self Storage Domination


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Self storage is a thriving industry in America, but few have written anything on how to succeed. Jim & Matt changes this in a no-nonsense guide to developing, marketing, and running your own self-storage business.

The most important lesson they can teach you is the importance of technology. Gone are the days when the Yellow Pages were your best advertisement. As Jim & Matt reminds you in the guide, “Your competitor is only a mouse click away.” Don’t let someone else snatch up your customers. With their help, create online marketing and advertising strategies that will showcase the unique benefits of your business.

Jim & Matt don’t forget the human component of the business. They include guidance on cultivating a customer base and fulfilling all your customers’ needs. They also touch on hiring employees, managing your revenue, and more.

Jim & Matt have designed this book to be easy to understand and process. Special icons mark important passages. The action icon urges you to take immediate steps to transform your business. The resources icon guides you to additional information. The value icon shows just exactly how much a small change can greatly increase the value of your business!

By Jim Ross and Matt Vanhorn


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