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Law & Storage: Self-Storage Legal Issues

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What’s covered?

  • The Top Five Legal Issues In The Self-Storage Industry
  • Cybersecurity For Small Businesses
  • Key Privacy And Security Due Diligence Requests For Mergers And Acquisitions
  • When A Tenant Files For Bankruptcy
  • Managing Client Conduct At Self-Storage Facilities
  • Death Of A Tenant
  • Can Self-Storage Operators Make Their Facilities Cashless?
  • Legitimate Lien Sales: Special Units Need Special Auctions
  • Mapping Out The Lien Sale Process For Titled Property
  • Disposal Of “Personal” Information
  • Arbitration Vs. Litigation In Self-Storage
  • What Are The Duties Of A Tenant At A Self-Storage Facility?
  • Rights And Obligations: New Consumer
  • Privacy Laws Impact Businesses
  • Are “Holdover Clauses” Applicable For Self-Storage Rental Agreements?
  • The ADA And Your Websites
  • Settling Tenant Disputes In The Age Of Social Media