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Serve More to Sell More: A Personal Blueprint for Building Self-Storage Sales


The first of its kind! A do-it-yourself sales study guide for owners and managers interested in building self storage sales. Design a sales strategy for your facility’s specific needs. Create your own personalized approach to building sales for your facility!


More About What’s Included

The Serve More to Sell More: A Personal Blueprint for Building Self-Storage Sales book includes:

  • Making the Initial Contact
    • Creating your unique selling proposition and elevator speech plus exercises.
  • Qualifying, Questioning and Probing
    • Understanding needs, leading vs. probing questions and exercises.
  • Developing Presentations
    • Anatomy of a good presentation, highlighting “WIIFM,” power language, and exercises.
  • Approaching Objections and Excuses
    • Approaches for different prospect personalities and how to handle each type’s objections and excuses.
  • Managing Objections and Excuses
    • Using objections to move the sales process forward, three types of objections, how objections are good news, one-liners to manage excuses, the Feel/Felt/Found Method, 6 steps for moving from selling to serving plus exercises.
  • Managing Closing
    • Building a closing sequence, benchmarks for developing a close, styles of closing and exercises.
  • Upselling
    • Making upselling natural, setting the stage, how to bundle plus exercises.
  • Mastering Follow-Up
    • “Thank You” strategies and pointers, using gifts, rewarding referrals and exercises.
  • Much more!

More About Paul Schween

Paul Schween combines his proven sales techniques with a humorous approach to sales and customer service. With more than 15 years of experience promoting and sharing the stage with American’s finest sales trainers and motivational teachers, sales and service has been a labor of love. Paul brings a fresh perspective on how to develop a consumer-centric culture while driving sales revenues with a love for the self-storage industry. His most recent program, “Serve More to Sell More”, places a premium on fully engaging new prospects with pointed tactics that insure results for both sales and service. Mini-Storage Messenger also offers Pauls’ Sales Study Guide and Sales Training Package.

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