Why Cloud is King: The Unparalleled Benefits of Cloud-Based Software for Self-Storage

Originally meant to be the gatekeeper of on-site visitors, self-storage access control software has evolved to become the foundation of a facility’s security strategy. This shift in function can be attributed to several factors, but none as revolutionary as the technological advancement of cloud-based software.

Cloud computing describes how information is stored, managed, processed, and accessed through the internet instead of being housed on a local, on-premise server. It’s no surprise that interest in cloud-based software has surged in recent years. It offers newfound flexibility for the self-storage industry in everything from saving time and money to improving efficiency and scalability. Operations are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions because they offer convenient benefits that can’t be acquired through traditional, PC-based versions. In terms of self-storage, the transition to a cloud-based access control software solutions offers operators fundamental advantages to boost their bottom line and streamline their day-to-day tasks.

Access from Anywhere

Modern cloud-computing software enables self-storage owners and operators to grant access, run reports, and monitor site activity from any location with an Internet connection - even through a smartphone. With a cloud-based access control solution, you no longer have to be physically on-site to view activity, perform lock checks, or provide and restrict access to tenants. For multi-site operators and owners who aren’t located on-site, anytime, anywhere access on a device of their choosing creates new opportunities for improved efficiency and better facility management. Single-site operators can take the same approach to identify opportunities, improve productivity, and enhance the overall customer experience. Maintaining total visibility and control without geographical constraints offers a degree of control not previously possible in the self-storage industry. Because all of a facility’s data is centralized and accessible remotely, operators can be check-in on a site while on vacation or at home on the weekend to make sure everything is running smoothly. Without the need to be confined to a physical location, owners and operators can ultimately expect an improved work-life balance.

Single Login Across Your Portfolio

On-premise based access control software requires self-storage operators to provide different credentials to access data at multiple sites. In contrast, the implementation of cloud-based access control software centralizes the data within a portfolio and allows operators to access data for multiple sites using a single login. Leading access control solutions also allow owners and operators to customize access levels for multiple users based on roles and authority levels, ensuring that employees can only access relevant data.


Cloud-based software is a perfect fit for businesses looking to grow. Self-storage businesses don’t have to worry about additional capacity needs or managing disparate systems. A single site operation can migrate to the cloud for their current needs and commission additional resources in the future with a few clicks. The scalable architecture of cloud-based software can handle the extra traffic and heavy workloads that come with traditional business growth. Whether your portfolio has two or twenty facilities, cloud-based software is one of the most accommodating solutions available in the market for growing businesses.

Automatic Updates

One of the most underappreciated benefits of the cloud is its ability to perform automatic data backups and software updates. On-premise software requires the purchase and installation of the latest update at all times. If you aren’t running the most recent version of the software, your system and data are vulnerable. In comparison, cloud-based solutions eliminate downtime caused by manually updating the software or responding to crashes or other local computer issues. The latest versions of the software are automatically pushed to all customers simultaneously, ensuring that your system is continuously up-to-date.

Risk Prevention and Recovery

With continuous automatic backups, a cloud-based system also means that your data is kept safe from any disaster. There’s no need to waste hours transferring backup data from an on-site server after a data-loss because the cloud automates these processes, ensuring fast and error-free data recovery. Once the site data is migrated to the cloud, it will be safe from any future losses with minimal effort required on your part. As a result, many self-storage businesses see the cloud as a vital insurance policy that protects their access control systems from the liability of a potentially devastating loss of data.

Enhanced Remote Support

Remote support enables technicians to connect directly to a facility’s account without logging onto a local computer. This access significantly improves a technicians’ ability to diagnose and resolve issues. The result is less downtime, less frustration, and less time spent troubleshooting with a support technician. The advanced technology features of cloud-based access control solutions enable self-storage operations of all sizes to enhance security while improving operations. If the ability to access your system from any location, manage an entire portfolio seamlessly, secure your data from disaster, and streamline your day-to-day activities sounds beneficial to your self-storage business, talk to the experts at PTI Security Systems by visiting www.ptisecurity.com.